Basic Kit

Like all model makers, over the years I've built up a collection of tools and useful bits-and-bobs that can be used to help make the task in hand easier. This is my basic 'working kit', most of which, the larger items excepted, I keep in a plastic box that one of my larger models was supplied in. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though and I have a larger plastic box tucked away under the bed. In that I keep items such as boxes of fish tank grit and pebbles, scatter and other basing materials, my multi-tool + bits and safety goggles, sheet plastic, tubing and strip plastics etc.
Other useful items or materials not shown here and kept out of the house until needed are: 
- A small jar of plastic soup (sprue melted in liquid polysterene) for coating paper straps, adding extra detail, etc. This stuff stinks to high heaven and should not be used in an enclosed space.
- A bottle of Dettol and a jar for dropping acrylic painted models into - yep, Dettol, the household cleaner. Dettol is great for stripping off acrylics such as Games Workshop, Citadel and Humbrol, 12 to 24 hours generally does the trick, but the final cleaning is a messy process. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from the Dettol and the now gummy paint then rub off the worst then scrub off the remainder with a stiff brush in warm soapy water. Keep an old bowl to do this in.
- White spirit and spray paints/varnish stay outside too.
- White glue, not overly dangerous, but I keep it with the others so I know where it is. Useful for fixing on clear plastic items, or for coating cotton or paper items.
- And my airbrush is only used outside, mostly to avoid the mess and for the fact that the Baby Elephant compressor does indeed sound like a baby elephant and we do have neighbours.

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