Me and My Models

Hello cyberspace, here is the first in what will probably be a rambling series of entries on my misadventures and occasional successes as a private model maker. I wish I could start this blog off with something deep like I have a stressful job and model making is my way of escaping from the pain of real life (think Wesley Snipes' character in the film 'Murder at 1600'), but that's not true, my job is pretty stress free. The simple fact is I just enjoy making models in my spare time. Some people draw, or strip motor bikes, cook, climb mountains, do crosswords, write novels, go fishing or exercise for the fun of it. I do some of those things too, but I'm never happier than when I get a fresh model kit and open it up, ready to tackle the next project.
Why am I a nervous model maker? Well, this has always been a personal, private hobby. I've never shown my models at shows or exhibitions, so taking the plunge with a blog and displaying my efforts on line is rather nerve-wracking, I think. I'd be the first to admit that my skills while reasonable and pleasing enough for me, are no great shakes compared to the Bill Horans or Shep Paines of the model making community, I'll never win Euro-Militaire or a Golden Demon award, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over that. This is a blog for the also-rans in model making.

When it comes to the models themselves, as seen with two of my creations - the Historex Red Lancer above and the figure of 2000AD's hard man Judge Dredd on the right - I tend in the main to tackle historical scale figures or fantasy and/or science fiction subjects. Only very rarely do I leave my comfort zones. For instance, I have a model of HMS Victory that was a Christmas present from my brother, which sits half finished in my wardrobe (and has for the last couple of years); an unopened Battle of Britain flypast set (another old Xmas present) and a kit of a Gloster Meteor jet. I have had the latter for about 7 years and occasionally when guilt gets the better of me I open the box, look at the kit still pristine on its sprues, poke at it tentatively to see if it moves and tut over my laziness, promising to get around to it sometime soon. Hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions. Perhaps writing this blog will prompt me into taking it on, but I won't hold my breath, I have too many other kits still waiting in reserve.

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