Nausicaa on Kai continued (2)

I've managed to get a couple of hours work done on my Nausicaa and Kai model this afternoon. I had been working on the model mostly in the late evening for the last few days, so it was good to be working in full daylight for a change. I've now glued Nausicaa into her saddle and have been finishing the painting with her in situ on her feathery steed.

As I noted in my earlier post I was hoping to make the entire model more realistic looking than suggested in the instructions and things have been going quite nicely in that respect. I've finally got around to painting her tunic. In the manga and anime, it is made clear that this tunic was originally a pinkish dress that Nausicaa had been given, which she later adapted into a shorter tunic. This dress had been stained 'purest blue' by the blood of a wounded baby ohmu and I was hoping to give the impression with my paint job that the tunic had been dyed.

To start with, I painted over an earlier colour with Humbrol enamel 65, which gave it something akin to the pale blue suggested in the kit instructions, but that never was the colour I wanted. Out came my citadel paints and I gave the tunic a thick wash of Azurmen Blue shade. This ran nicely into all the folds and darkened the rest of the tunic so that when dried it began to resemble a home dyed pair of jeans. I then highlighted this with the new Citadel Ethereal Blue drybrush paint, which has given the tunic a nice fibrous look in keeping with a homemade garment. The only parts of the dress that were not stained by the blood were a white bird motif on the chest and a red ornament, which I have rendered as a red jewel, hence my earlier post on the subject.
Nausicaa's hat and gloves were painted with the same Humbrol enamel 87 that I had used on the gaiters. The metal armour plate on the hat was painted with Games Workshop Boltgun Metal and then stained with the new Nuln Oil (old Badad Black) and some Gryphone Sepia to simulate a little rust. The backstrap was painted with Humbrol leather, but I'll be painting that with Burnt Sienna at some point. 
I then made a judgement call, which I've been fairly pleased with. In the story Nausicaa is a princess, but she's an outdoorsy girl, flying around on gliders, riding horse claws, and it seems, a redhead to boot, so I decided to give her a more rosy, weather-beaten complextion than suggested. Thinking of her more as a farmer's daughter than a princess, I also decided that she wouldn't be afraid of a bit of dirt so I then used heavily watered down Army Painter Soft Tone ink and coated the whole model apart from the face. Dry, this has given the figure a slightly grungy look which I personally like.

The bulk of the work now done on the figures, I'll be moving on to the extras, the saddle bags and weapons next.

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