Nausicaa on Kai continued

Tiredness cut me off mid-flow yesterday and after a visit to the local baths this morning I'm left feeling my muscles and equally weary, but I can hopefully have a productive afternoon doing some more work on my model before going back to work tomorrow.
As noted in my previous post the two main figures are for the most part assembled and here are some pictures of the work so far. First, the steed, Kai. I have yet to add the beak and tongue as these will need some interior painting before I can fit them in place. Still, that gives me the chance to do some finer work on the bridle.

The saddle, straps and leggings were painted initially with Humbrol leather acrylic (62), then coated with Daler-Rowney Burnt Sienna artist's acrylic (221), which, I think, gives a much better 'leather' look to the paint. I painted the feet with Humbrol acrylic 93. It all dried quickly, so I then covered the leather work with Army Painter Strong Tone ink and just left that to dry overnight. The next morning I mixed a little white and burnt sienna artist's acrylic to drybrush the leather and some Citadel Terminatus Stone on the feet and black-painted claws. The feathers are just done in Humbrol matt black enamel. I'm sorry Citadel, Humbrol, Vallejo, etc, but your matt black acrylics are just not matt!

I'm fairly pleased with the saddle, the drybrushing has given a good effect of wear contrasted by the variation caused by the Strong Tone ink. The decorated leather sides have come out very well, but alas, two saddle bags, yet to be added, will all but obscure all my good work. Still, at least I know it's there.

As to the hot chick in the saddle, with a little filling and filing she was good to go, though I had to replace the stirrup straps with ones made from Miliput as they didn't reach the saddle and irritated me. I put a few bends and creases in the top of her shoes, which just looked like inanimate plastic blobs otherwise. After under- coating the body in white (I paint undercoat on, I never spray- just a quirk, I suppose) I experimented with GW Ultramarines Blue for the body, but didn't like it, so will be repainting that. I've concentrated instead on her gaiters (Humbrol Matt Enamel 87) and legwear (Citadel Bleached Bone) as well as the face which I shaded with a Citadel fleshshade.

A minor problem came late this afternoon when I snapped the left stirrup strap. That's the danger of working with Miliput, hard but brittle. I'll glue it back and be more careful.


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