Nausicaa's Gun and Saddle Bags

I got around to painting Nausicaa's rifle and the two large saddle bags that are fitted on either side of Kai. The gun was pretty easy to paint, but the bags took a little more work.

The rifle and bags after being cleaned up were roughly undercoated with white which was allowed to dry before I moved on to adding the basic colours.

Before painting I had used a very fine drill to put two holes through the lugs where the rifle's sling would be suspended. I'll be manufacturing a sling later on.

Holding the rifle steady with a trusty clothes peg, it was then given a coat of Humbrol leather (62) This was then allowed to dry thoroughly before the next stage.

Once the paint had dried, I then gave the rifle a thin coat of Daler-Rowney Burnt Umber artist's paint. Care is needed to keep this paint thin, especially around the details of the rifle mountings, as it can build up, but also to retain the brush strokes as this gives the effect of wood grain. I've always found this to be a quick and easy way of simulating wood grain. As can be seen, I had also by this point given the saddle bags a coat of Games Workshop's delightfully named Snot Green.

While the artist's paint dried on the rifle I again used the Humbrol leather to drybrush the raised areas of the saddle bags. This can be rather imperfect and I'll be doing more work on the bags to get them looking just how I want them.

Once the Burnt Umber was dried I coated the rifle's metal mountings in GW Boltgun Metal and then shaded it with Nuln Oil, letting it overrun accidently/on purpose onto the surrounding wood to create a little shadowing and grime. I'm rather pleased with it.
I've also been using some Army Painter Strong Tone to shade the deeper recesses on the saddle bags and added some Boltgun Metal to the metal buttons. The very end of the rifle still needs painting, but that is soon done.
More to follow...  


  1. I'm about to embark on making a lifesize replica and may, if I may, ask about paints, the whys and wherefores. Thanks, Michael

  2. Certainly. I'm out and about a little over the next few days with work related stuff, but I'll answer your questions as soon as I can.

    Jim Day