Babes: Jo and Asuka

Being male and because it's the way I'm wired, occasionally I do like to take a break from military or macho sci-fi subjects and indulge myself with something curvier, sexier and much more female. I often regret that I never got around to doing the famous latex or leather-clad Michelle Pfeiffer 'Catwoman' figure that came out in the 1980's, though you can still get these if you're lucky and have a good sized budget (which, alas, I don't). Nevertheless, there are still some pretty good female figures out there to keep a fellow good of an evening.

Over the last few years I have purchased a few figures from an internet supplier, E2046, who originally operated out of Hong Kong and now also out of China. They supply a range of resin kits and pre-painted models from traditional Japanese Mecha, a very few male models, and a very wide range of busty, curvy, leggy things that range from the shamelessly pornographic to the merely decorative. Many of these are manga or anime inspired, but others are simply male fantasies given resin form. Hobbyfan in the States seem to offer a similar service, though I have yet to order anything from them.

The first E2046 figure I did was that of Jo, the major character from the anime Burst Angel, a gunslinging girl from a dystopian future Japan. I chose this one as I knew the character and because of the figures available it was fairly cheap, my reasoning being that if the model was poor quality then I'd not lost much. After ordering the figure I had to wait what seemed like an age before it finally arrived, it must have been nearly a month, but the figure was worth the wait as it turned out to be excellent.

The model comes in 25 pieces and is delivered in a sturdy plastic box with an instruction sheet and a photo of a finished model as a colour guide. The pieces went together very easily,  though being a resin figure, the only thing that holds it together effectively are pins and super glue. It needed only a little tidying up, and as far as I can recall I did not need to do any filling with this figure. I took a while painting her in the appropriate colours, but gave her a red scarf instead of the cream one depicted (I had red, but no cream at the time). I kept the colours cartoony and only had a few minor problems - fitting the neck strap for her jacket was a fiddly business and the curious purple 'feather mark' tattoo on her left arm and shoulder took some doing, but otherwise it went together and painted up like a dream. I fashioned a wooden floor style base out of some lollipop sticks from a crafting store and then had to put two screws through the base up into her feet to hold the figure rigid. Voila, a figure to be proud of.

Jo is noticeably flat chested, so for my next figure I went for something busty and on seeing the figure I plumped for a model of Asuka in her plugsuit, part of Shunya Yamashita's range of models offered by E2046. In the Japanese anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka Langley is an annoying brat of a girl, one of the teenage pilots of a group of giant robots known as Evas that are used to battle alien invaders, and the plugsuit is a costume that quite literally plugs her into the machine. In the series its an all-over costume and Asuka is aged about 16 and you can get figures depicting her as such, but I can't be doing with that Lolita stuff. This figure, though, shows a much older Asuka who has filled out nicely and is barely fitting into a rather too tight plugsuit.

Like the figure of Jo, it is a 1/6 scale figure, standing just under 26 cm tall and comprises 17 separate pieces. The figure is beautifully modelled, though the coquettish pose is rather curious (someone said to me that she looked like she need to go to the toilet) and the hair and ribbons can be tricky to assemble, but they are minor problems. Besides the obvious attractions of this model for any red-blooded male, if decorated as suggested the model has a further incredible 'wow' factor with the bright reds, oranges and yellows it can be painted up in, and it was this which had originally attracted me to the kit. Like Jo, the figure did not come with a stand (you only get stands with the pre-painted figures), so I cannibalised an old Star Trek transporter stand that had formerly supported a figure of Mr Spock. And so, once again, I have another very nice figure for my collection.

It's also my father's favourite figure for some reason, I can't imagine why...

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