Nausicaa on Kai continued (4)

This afternoon I did manage to get some of the remaining work done on my model of Nausicaa and Kai. I was glad to get it out of the way as one thing after another seems to have been getting in the way just lately, what with holidays, computer problems and life in general. The heat wave at the moment doesn't help either, it's a little too hot and sticky to spend too much time indoors. What I have done today, though, has pretty much finished the model assembly-wise and all I need to do now is to spend a little time painting the full model in a little more detail, getting everything just how I want it.

In my last entry I noted that I had already attached Nausicaa's large sword to Kai. The painting was accomplished easily enough using Humbrol 93 for the pale leather and Humbrol 62 for the darker leather, Daler-Rowney Burnt Sienna over that, plus a little black and gold to finish it off. Then I shaded it all with Army Painter Soft Tone ink. I then highlighted the edges of the pale leather with some more Humbrol 93 to make it stand out a little. This afternoon I have decorated Nausicaa's small sword or long knife in the same fashion. I also fitted in place the small green pack that sits just above it.


Another addition today was Teto, Nausicaa's pet squirrel-fox who rides with the princess through most of her adventures. I had taken a number of pictures of the unpainted model of Teto but these were lost when my computer crashed. It does not require assembly, just general tidying up and painting. After undercoating in white I painted the body with an ochre acrylic, painting on the brown bands with artist's burnt umber and the white fur with Citadel base white; the eyes were picked out with GW Snot Green. I initially stained it with Army Painter Soft Tone, but this did not seem to give enough contrast, so I tried the Strong Tone, which did a better job and surprisingly, did not make it too dark. As the small figure was already done and simply waiting in the wings, this afternoon I finally glued it in place.

I also decided to bend my rule on painting the model as suggested (see, I can be adventurous occasionally). In the world of Nausicaa the great enemy of most living things is the Sea of Corruption (called the Toxic Jungle in the anime), a vast forest of giant fungoid plants and their attendant giant insects. In fact, we later discover in the manga that this is a bio-engineered environment designed to cleanse the earth of man-made poisons. However, the Sea of Corruption gives off a poisonous miasma which is combatted with special masks. Nausicaa's is probably in the small green pouch already mentioned, but Kai's hangs by his right leg. Initially I decided to paint this in the same manner as his saddle and leather leggings, but became rather tired of the 'all-brown-leather' look, so this afternoon I decided that I would do the mask in the same colours as Kai's bridle, red leather and gold.


I painted over the leather in white and then in GW Blood Red. When this was dry I went over the raised surfaces first with a little Humbrol leather (62) and then the burnt sienna to imitate leather showing through a red patina. To simulate patches of broken/creased leather I then blobbed small patches of red around the edge of the 'leather'. The rings around the eyes of the mask I picked out in Vallejo Bronze, highlighting it with GW Shining Gold. The lenses over the eyes I painted in the manner I've already described for painting jewels. The mask was then given a good walloping with Army painter Strong Tone ink and left to dry prior to fitting on the model.
So, the model is done. As I say, there is still some painting to do, but I'll put some pictures up soon.