Miniart Gladiator

Okay, normally I resist the temptation to buy and start another model when I'm heavily into another, but my Ultramarines sergeant is not going anywhere, so I decided to finally buy the Miniart 1:16 model of a gladiator I've had my eye on and which arrived early yesterday morning. This will be a first for me in this blog, a complete build and paint from start to finish. Previously I've been half way through a model, or completely finished,before I wrote anything about it. I've seen other people's versions of this figure and am looking forward to it.

First impressions of the model fresh out of the box are favourable, it looks pretty clean with little or no flash around the 38 pale grey plastic pieces; it looks like a fairly straight-forward build, but we'll see. Normally I would assemble and decorate the figure in sections, but as this one is mostly skin I'll be constructing the figure before painting, as skin doesn't normally have recognisable seams!

One item missing from this model, though, is the small round stand that usually comes with Miniart figures. The reason is obvious, namely the stance of the gladiator is quite wide and he wouldn't fit on the stand. I think Miniart could perhaps have created a new stand to accommodate the figure, but that is a minor quibble easily sorted. This morning I took a trip to Wilkinsons and bought one of my mainstays for a cheap stand - one of those blank plastic plates that can be screwed over a redundant mains socket or light switch - 69p.

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