Miniart Gladiator (4)

What a nice day, my cold is finally fading, the sun is out and after a lie in and a leisurely morning we went out for Sunday dinner at a local restaurant. Feeling comfortable, relatively healthy and stuffed, I've only really got around to undercoating my gladiator model this afternoon. After cleaning the model to get rid of any grease, I undercoated with Citadel Ceramite White and once this had dried I painted the exposed skin with Humbrol Acrylic flesh tone (Humbrol 61), which IMHO is the best general purpose flesh colour on the market. This will be the base colour that I shall be painting oil colours over to achieve the desired effect.

One nice thing which makes painting this model a little easier, is that the  feet have no base to them, so instead of holding the model itself, a paintbrush handle, or other thin stick can be inserted up one of the legs to hold it steady.