Miniart Gladiator (6)

In the better light this morning I took stock of my painting yesterday and found that in places the colour on the gladiator was a little patchy and the colours rather stark. So, I got my paint and brushes out once more and did a little tidying up.

The most notable thing was that the areas of Burnt Sienna and flesh tone were too contrasted, so I toned the darker areas down with a thin glaze of flesh tone thinned with white spirit. This effectively muted the darker tones which now showed through the glaze as under painting, giving a slightly more pleasing effect across the legs and torso.

The painting has given the figure a slightly 'hairy' looking texture, so later today I might clean back some of that with a little white spirit.

And the lesson to be learnt from this, Mr Day? Don't try painting in half light.