Miniart Gladiator (8)

I've been doing a little reading up on gladiators as they're not really a subject I know much about. Apparently the character in this model is a myrmillo or murmillo type of gladiator, just one of numerous types pitted against each other in the arena to provide a bit of variety to the contests. It seems that despite the reputation of the arena, not all gladiators met a grisly end, quite a lot reached retirement as each man or woman was a considerable investment for their trainers, not lightly cast aside. Not all of them were slaves or prisoners of war either, some men and women even volunteered to become gladiators. The perks of the job? They were the well-muscled sports stars of the day, who got the female spectators into quite a lather. One story I read was that the oiled sweaty bodies of gladiators were regularly scraped clean with strigils, and the resulting liquid mess was then collected and sold as an aphrodisiac! Gladiator scrapings, whatever next.
Anyhow, that amusing history lesson aside, the model has moved on a little. I have repainted the model to a slightly more tanned hue in the same way as before, only this time I mixed in a little Burnt Umber into the flesh tone mix, which seems to have worked nicely. I have also begun to start painting the padding on the right arm and left leg, as well as the leather boot and wrist strap on the opposite limbs. The padding, I painted with Citadel Bleached Bone paint, which after drying was coated with Army Painter Soft Tone ink to get into all the recesses. As I'm painting towards a light source, I've painted pure Bleached Bone along the uppermost sides of the now stained padding to give it all some definition. The leather has been done in the same way as the leather pieces on my earlier figure of Nausicaa, first Humbrol Leather, covered with a coat of Burnt Sienna artists' paint and stained with Army Painter Strong Tone ink.
Add Burnt Umber for that all-over tan.

At work on the padding.
I have also made a start on the gladiator's helmet and face mask. First, I painted the pieces with Citadel Chaos Black and then with several layers of Vallejo Bronze paint. As can be seen from the pictures this has produced a rather bright bronze effect, which I have since toned down with a coat of Army Painter Soft Tone.
Bearing in mind the story about gladiators being scraped down I've decided to coat the skin parts of my figure with some Pledge Multi-Surface Wax. This will give the figure a slight oily sheen that will drive the Roman girls wild.

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