Miniart Gladiator (9)

Well, after painting on the Pledge last night, I soon changed my mind as the resulting figure looked like shiny plastic, so I had to lightly wipe the wax off with some white spirit. Actually it did some good as once the wax was removed I noticed a few thin patches in the paint, which I touched up this morning. I think the Pledge can be used to simulate sweat, but used more strategically. I shall have to experiment.
That aside, today has been a day of simple assembly and just a little decorating. I glued the gladiator's helmet and face mask in place and put a little shine along the edges and on the raised surfaces with one of those gold marker pens. Instead of using my acrylics, while I had them out I used my oil paints to do some highlighting work on the leather boot and bracer. The straps on the leg padding were painted and I have painted and glued in place the loose piece of the loin cloth. There was a gap between this and the main body, but as this was very slight I used some Citadel Liquid Green Stuff to fill in he gap. When dry, I painted this white then used my tester pot red on it.
Next I'll tackle the shield and sword. Meantime, here are some pictures of the figure thus far. 

drawing on a highlight with a gold marker pen.