Miniart Gladiator Finished

Another day, another model completed, though it was touch and go whether I would have got it finished today as I got called into work last minute, but managed to get away early and photograph my model before the light faded. Over the weekend I had fixed the dangly leather thongs to the gladiator's sword arm, decorated these plus the model's hands and its sword, all of which were easily painted. The shield was then attached to the figure. The next stage was to coat the light socket plate that I had bought as a base, with some cheap wood filler that I also obtained from Wilkinsons. After deciding how to place the figure, as its feet are hollow I was able to put a pad of filler under each foot, which would act as an anchor for them. The base was allowed to dry overnight and the next morning I used superglue to fix the gladiator in place.
Preparing the base
The base was then coated with white glue which I spread liberally over the surface. I left this quite thick as this would enable me to sculpt it a little as it dried. I then got a bag of sand out of my storage box under the bed and scattered this over the surface of the glue, patting it down to thoroughly cover the surface, the excess being tipped off. I had checked, with a quick search on the internet, what did actually coat the floor of an arena and sure enough it was sand, the Coliseum in Rome having a layer of about 6 inches of sand over a wooden floor. The yellow sand used was called harena in Latin, from which the word arena is derived; interesting.
On its own, though just a base of sand was rather boring so I coated some parts with patches of blood using Citadel Gore Red, Blood Red and Doombull Brown to simulate it, also putting a little on the sword too. I also stained parts of the sand with thinned down Army Painter Soft Tone to provide a little contrast. Now it looks like a rain shower has dampened the sand, but not enough to stop play.
And apart from painting the edge of the base in black enamel and then Citadel Chaos Black and then some general touching up, that was it, and a very satisfying build it has been too. There have been a few surprises and changes of course along the way, but that's model making for you. See the results below
Now, what to do next?