World War One Tank

My brother has asked me to make him a model of a World War One tank, which I'm happy to do in this small 1:76 scale. The major problem that I have with tanks, ships and other military vehicles is that they can get a little monotonous with all the wheels, piping and related paraphernalia. This small-scale kit, though was a breeze to make up and once I have the paints should be a snap to decorate. I feel a nice muddy, shell blasted diorama coming up too.
I am wondering if there will be an increase in World War One kits over the next few years, it being the centenary of that devastating conflict. If so, we should start seeing a few interesting new kits coming onto the modelling scene. Miniart  are already producing a series of WW1 German flyers as part of their 1:16 figure range. I'm not sure though, that I want to make plastic miniatures of two future Nazis, so will give those a miss.


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