Historex Red Lancer

No excuses, (though, I suppose it is an excuse) I've just been too busy at home and at work (the latter especially) over the last month or so to get around to any serious model making, let alone blogging. Hopefully, though, the ongoing staff problems at work will resolve themselves in the next couple of weeks and I'll have a little more spare time to do what I enjoy.

In the meantime, I've been re-photographing some of my older models. I used to have a fine selection of snaps, but most of these were lost when my old computer went bump a few months back and I didn't have a back up. So, here are a few pictures of a Historex Red Lancer that I have in my collection. I don't do Historex models too often, nowadays, having done quite a few when I was younger, but it is occasionally nice to revisit them, which I did with this one a couple of years ago. These models can still be ordered online from the Historex Agents website here,

When painting Historex figures I always try to keep them 'clean', so too speak, leaving the weathering to a minimum, as the real joy with them is the brilliancy of the uniforms. The Red Lancers have always been a favourite of mine and Historex do them proud. My only major gripe with Historex kits is that the assembly instructions can sometimes be something of a pain to interpret; working out which fiddly bit fits where, is often a case of taking your best guess. I'm sure that any real expert on the Napoleonic period would pick innumerable faults with my figures.