Perry Miniatures 28mm French Napoleonic Line Infantry

Though by no means an expert on the period, I do enjoy painting Napoleonic figures and when I first saw a set of Perry Miniatures figures I had a Scarlett O'Hara moment. 'As God is my witness, as God is my witness,' I said, shaking my fist at the sky, '… someday I will get myself a set.' I have now taken the plunge, buying this set of their 28mm French Napoleonic infantry from a supplier on eBay for just under £20. I don't war-game myself, being a maker and painter, (getting my arse kicked 100% of the time on the few occasions I did venture onto a gaming table soon cured me of any thoughts that I might be a budding Napoleon or Wellington) but I know a few people who do, so should I decide not to keep it I know some good homes that this set can go to.
At first blush out of the box it seems to be a very well modelled and interesting set of figures, there being 42 in all, the majority are in set poses representing a battalion on the march, but the kit includes numerous separate items such as backpacks, drums, muskets and extra arms and heads to add a little variety. The figures are all made in hard plastic (hurrah!) which will enable me to easily clean the figures up and glue the added accoutrements in place without any difficulty. The kit also comes with a sprue of stands ready for the figures. These can be assembled and painted up to represent the various sections of a French battalion, the skirmishers, fusiliers, grenadiers, etc.

I always appreciate model kits that give you detailed painting instructions and pictures are always good and the instructions sheet though only small, carries plenty of info on how to paint up your troops as either French Light infantry or a Swiss regiment in French service, while the reverse of the box has pictures showing French Line infantry. The instructions sheet also has two small flags that can be cut out to use with the figures.
© Perry Miniatures
Project, project ..! I already have three models on the go at the moment, so I may regret buying this kit, as I'm sure it will distract me from them, even though I know that I'm a real sluggard when it comes to doing multi-figure kits. Ah well, it can be an ongoing work-in-progress, it'll keep me off the streets.