RAF Museum Cosford and the Shropshire Model Show

This morning I took a trip out to RAF Cosford, partly to have a gander at their fine collection of historic aircraft, but also to visit the Shropshire Model Show and see if I could pick up any useful kits, equipment and/or tips to help with my hobby. As normal it was a pretty eclectic collection, mostly military, but with some civilian, sci-fi and fantasy thrown in, and frustrating and inspiring in equal degrees when you realise how rough your own work looks in comparison. It was good to see modelling fraternities from across the country well represented and the numerous trade stands were an obvious draw, though in my opinion, some of them have rather inflated ideas that their rather inflated prices might be considered reasonable. Still, I did buy a couple of good model kits to try out.
But, you don't want to listen to me prattling on, time for some pictures.
A Space 1999 Eagle. (I must get mine finished!)
Armour a go-go

A great collection of kit and scratch-built sci-fi models

Classic sci-fi whimsy. Clangers and the Soup Dragon
A great collection of military busts.
The detailing on some models was superb.
Guy Gibson and his non-PC named dog.
TV nostalgia for a 50-something model maker
The full Airfix Collectors Series. A man after my own heart.