IPMS Scale Model World 2015

I attended the model show at Cosford back in April which seriously whetted my appetite for these events, but the biggie, of course is the two-day Telford show, held at the International Centre on 7th and 8th November. This is the first time I have ever been, though I doubt it will be the last as I came away quite satisfied with my haul.
I booked into Premier Inn a couple of days before and did a tour of the local area. Telford city centre is just a glorified shopping centre, modern and rather bland, but there are a few picturesque places to visit nearby such as Blists Hill Victorian town, the Ironbridge Gorge museums, etc. (Incidentally, the chips at Blists Hill are to die for - cooked in beef fat, bad for the arteries, I know, but delicious.) The main reason I had gone, though was to visit the model show, mostly to pick up a few useful supplies rather than buy models, but who amongst us can resist? I spent close on £100 on a small collection of stuff, but many were leaving with bags full.
The first day was very crowded, the photos above show the crowds in the afternoon when things had actually quietened down a little. Being a claustrophobe, I don't really do too well in dense crowds, so I much preferred the Sunday when things were a little more civilised and you could take your time going around the various stalls and club displays. Sunday was Remembrance Sunday, so it was nice to see it punctuated with a two minutes silence at 11 am.

Here's what I bought for myself. These should keep me good for a few months.

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