ICM 1:16 British Grenadier Queen's Guards (3)

Flicking through the ICM catalogue on their site I note that three other figures in this World's Guards series have already been scheduled, namely the Vatican Swiss Guard, an Italian Carabinier and an officer of France's Republican Guard. I had been hoping for one of the cavalrymen from the latter who always look rather impressive, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose. I will probably tackle most of these kits and look forward to any further additions to the range.
As I had to go into work this morning I have only had a small amount of time to work on the model today, most of my time being spent undercoating some of the unpainted bits such as the figure's trousers and boots, the inner parts of the arms which I will fit to the torso before finishing them off, and the bearskin. The undercoat dried quickly and I have given some parts a topcoat, the boots and bearskin being blacked and the boots given a coat of some rather gloopy gloss varnish that I had to thin down with some white spirit. I also used the varnish on the stand, which now looks quite presentable.
The most detailed painting I have done today has been on the Guardsman's face, which I tackled with the several skin tones from Games Workshop. First I applied some Tanned Flesh and once that had dried I gave it the highlights with Dwarf Flesh and the final and palest highlights with a 50-50 mix of Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh. When it had dried I gave the whole face a gentle wash of very thin Dwarf Flesh to even the tone out. As the model is smaller than the bust that I tackled late last year I did not bother giving it more character by flicking spots of paint onto the surface, leaving it as it is. The lips I highlighted with a mix of Tanned Flesh and Daler-Rowney Cadmium Red Deep Hue artist's acrylic.

The other main painting project I tackled was the soldier's SA80. This is one part of the model I'm not to keen on, but not because of the modelling, which is fine, because of the gun itself. I'm sure that its real-life counterpart can make a nasty hole in somebody as well as any modern firearm and our soldiers are doubtless perfectly happy with its performance in that respect, but I'm not a soldier, I'm a model maker and looks-wise I've always considered the SA80 to be an ugly, clunky little mutt of a gun compared to the much more elegant long arms previously carried by British infantrymen. Anyhow, aesthetic grumbles aside, at least I had the consolation of being able to use some Humbrol Metal Cote on the rifle Humbrol 27003 (steel) and 27004 (gunmetal). Call me a big kid but I do enjoy buffing these up once they have dried and watching the metallic shine appear as if by magic. The handle and butt were then painted with Humbrol 31 and the weather covers were done up in a dark grey Vallejo as I've yet to purchase the Humbrol 85 coal black satin required, I just wanted a similar colour in place prior to gluing the gun in place against the right arm. When I get the chance over the next few days the arms will be fitted prior to undercoating.


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