ICM 1:16 British Grenadier Queen's Guards (4)

Two days at work slowed me down a little, but I continued plugging away at my Guardsman figure in the evening. But even modern lighting cannot match good natural daylight, so I have waited until today (another largely sunny day) to do the more detailed work on the figure, which was mostly on the tunic. I fitted the arms yesterday and after tidying the joins up this morning I undercoated them and this afternoon applied the top coat before moving on to the more detailed stuff.
I picked out the belt and buttons in Vallejo 70.820 Off White as I'll be using pure white as a highlight, plus its not so eye-poppingly white as to set alarm bells ringing in any viewer. I had previously used the same colour for the piping to the tunic and will use it again for the epaulettes when they get done. The buttons were later coated with Humbrol gold enamel, though I may try a little GW gold on them to give them a bit of a highlight. We shall see. I had also used a little Citadel Baal Red wash around the piping, buttons and in the few light folds in the jacket to give a little definition to the uniform. I'm pleased with the result.

I finished the collar off with Humbrol 104 (Oxford Blue) with the piping and grenade in Off White. I wanted these out of the way so I can fit and glue the bearskin on, as I'm sick and tired of having to hunt for it when I keep dropping it under my desk! I notice that the ICM instructions recommend black for the trousers and collar, but it's actually a very dark blue, dark navy blue, so I may mimic it with a black wash tomorrow, the trousers, though can wait.
I've also tackled the medals, which also have good painting instructions, but I simply used the paints I had available either neat or mixed to achieve the colours. Buying a particular colour for such a small bit of decoration is just bonkers, so, not going there. The medals are actually specific gongs. The senior grey/blue/red one is the Operational Service Medal (Afghanistan), while the wine/blue/white number is the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012.