ICM 1:16 British Grenadier Queen's Guards (5)

This will be my penultimate post on this figure as I suspect I'll get the rest out of the way this evening and after work tomorrow, so may be able to put some pictures of the completely finished figure here on my blog on Sunday or Monday. Today has been spent painting the cuff and tail details as well as adding some more contrast to the Guardsman's white belt. I had painted the scalloped cuffs with Humbrol 104 (Oxford Blue) last night and today painted the white patches and piping, leaving the blue lines in the hollows. Before painting the buttons, though, I decided to use one of my more recent (and very useful) purchases, a bottle of Vallejo Pale Grey wash to outline the buttons and also the various parts of the belt. This looks like pale grey water when you pipe it out onto your palette, but dries to a nice thin and very subtle shade (as can be seen in the first photo) which is much less harsh than using a normal black wash like say the Citadel Nuln Oil. It provides just enough contrast to attract the eye without looking too severe. I recently used it on a set of German troops in winter gear and found that it flowed beautifully into all the nooks and crannies of the white uniforms. I recommend it. The buttons were again painted with Humbrol gold enamel but then given some highlights with GW Burnished Gold to perk them up a little. The same was done with the buttons and patches on the coat tail.
Vallejo Pale Grey wash - mega useful!

Cuffs, tails and buttons done.
Since yesterday I have glued the bearskin in place and painted the rifle's weather covers in the appropriate colour (Humbrol 85 Coal Black) and so all that now remains to be done are the epaulettes, the bayonet sheath and I need to finish the figure's trousers and paint in the thin red stripe down each leg, which may be the trickiest part. As the base is all done all that is needed after that is a good coat of matt varnish to cut down on the glossiness of the painting and I can finally stick everything together.