ICM 1:35 British Infantry 1914 (2)

Now that I'm back in fighting trim again, relatively speaking, I can at last start to finish this set of soldiers off as well as working on my Grenadier Guardsman. The irony is that these soldiers are grenadiers too if the cap badge is to be believed. The figures have been largely painted since last November, but only today have I settled down to finishing off some of the shading and highlighting and tidying up the webbing and most importantly getting the officer's equipment looking right after I had shifted it around somewhat following the previous post on this set and painting it up with a deep leather effect.
The faces (which I am quite pleased with) were decorated with GW flesh tones in a same way I did the guardsman's features, while the uniforms were painted using a Vallejo paint 70.988 Khaki. This is a departure for me as for khaki I usually use Humbrol 26, but the Vallejo colour has more of a greenish tinge which seems better for WW1 uniforms. I always think that WW2 Khaki looks browner in tone, which is more in keeping with the Humbrol colour. For the officer's gloves I used Citadel Doombull Brown (which I think was previously Dark Flesh) while his leather equipment was an undercoat of Humbrol 62, covered in a wash of Burnt Umber artist's acrylic and highlighted with Burnt Sienna. It's my favourite way of producing a dark leather effect.

The webbing is supposed to be done in Humbrol 72, but I find that a mix of the khaki highlighted with Humbrol 110 (Natural Wood) gives a little more definition, plus the equipment does take on a more faded look than Humbrol 72 would produce. I used to have a khaki canvas bag and it very quickly faded to a light straw look through everyday use outside.
Tomorrow I shall get all the metal buckles and whatnot finished before making a start on their rifles.