AMT 1/2500 Cadet Series USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (2)

Following on from my last post the small model of the starship Enterprise has been assembled and undercoated, with a little remodelling in the process. After undercoating I noticed a few flaws where I had not adequately filled or filed the seams and joins back sufficiently, so it was out with my files and sanding boards, my Plasto and Green Stuff, to set the world to rights. One of the engine nacelles needed a bit of work, and I noticed that the edge of the upper saucer was not tapered downwards along the edge as it was on the original ship. So, after filing the undercoat back, I filled in a few flaws with Plasto, then running a thin strip of Green Stuff along the saucer's upper edge I bevelled the putty using a toothpick. It seems to have worked quite well as the final undercoated model shows.
A flipped image showing all the parts together.
Undercoated with Humbrol Matt Grey spray paint. Normally
I paint on undercoat, but I wanted to avoid brush strokes on
such a small scale model. Ignore the German soldier, that's
a separate project.

I decided to attach the engines before under coating to avoid
complications as it was a tight fit onto the pylons.

Cleaning the saucer edge prior to bevelling it. The model
is now fully assembled.

The filled section between the pylons came out pretty good.

Adding Plasto to smooth the saucer's edge.

Bevelling the edge with Green Stuff.

More undercoat applied. It looks okay.

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