AMT 1/2500 Cadet Series USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (3)

Just a quick post to report on the steady progress I'm making on my small model of the Enterprise. Several days at work have slowed things down after the initial build and undercoating. Since then I have fished out my airbrush and given the model its top coat of a very pale grey. For years I had been under the impression that the Enterprise was white and earlier attempts at building the ship had gone along with this idea, so it's hardly any wonder that I was never fully satisfied with my results.
After airbrushing.

The lighter colour has revealed a few minor flaws, but I may
 just leave them be.
The article on Steve Neil's USS Enterprise in May's Fine Scale Modeller magazine gave the mix he used. This was two parts white to one part Model Master 4762. Failing that, online converters indicated that Vallejo Model Colour 70.989 or Humbrol 127 were equivalents. So a trip down to the model shop saw me buying the Model Colour, which was already a seriously pale grey and I was left wondering what, if anything, of the original colour I would end up with after mixing it with white. As events showed, though, things turned out okay.
Mixing the colours in a plastic shot glass I tipped what seemed like thin white paint into my airbrush and got to work on the model. Fifteen minutes later I had what looked like a slightly off white Enterprise, but after half an hour or so this had dried to a slightly darker and very subtle mist grey. Since then I have shaded some of the recesses with the pale grey wash I've referred to in other posts and painted the round Bussard collectors at the front of the engine nacelles a nice bright red.
A final day at work tomorrow will hold me back again, but after that I am off for three days and hope to get most if not all of the remaining work done in that time.
A little shading...

...and painting. Note the pure white top to the bridge,
which shows the subtle grey off nicely.

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