AMT 1/2500 Cadet Series USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (1)

Last weekend I again took in the two-day IPMS Scale Model World expo at Telford's International Centre and came away with a reasonable haul for my troubles. I mostly went for figures, I have an Imperial Gallery 95th Rifles figure and Mitches' Military Models' 17th Lancer officer that look like fun projects, while the US infantrymen at rest look very interesting. As can be seen, I also plumped for one of AMT's Star Trek cadet series, 1/2500 scale miniature versions of the starships of the ever expanding Trekkieverse, or whatever it's called. There are three ships in this kit the original TV ship – Kirk, Spock, McCoy, et al – the elegant refit version from the early films (of course, a dead ringer for the 1701-A from The Voyage Home onwards), and the big, beefy Excelsior-class USS Enterpise 1701-B. There are also separate kits for Enterprises C, D and E and numerous other craft, be they Federation, or what have you. If these builds come out okay then I may take on some of the others, but we'll see.
I was inspired to buy the kit having read the May 2016 edition of Fine Scale Modeller magazine that featured (unusually) two USS Enterprise builds that whetted my appetite. The grandest of these was Steve Neill's astonishing large scratch-build of the original Enterprise. His excellent work can be seen here: What got my attention in both magazine articles was not only the mouth watering inspiration they offered, but such eminently useful info as to what colour the model should be and the paints to be used. More on that later.

My cadet build was much less grandiose, but quite satisfying in its own way and it has been nice to see the iconic little vessel start to take shape over a couple of evenings. The cadet series are snap together kits that don't need glue if you don't want to, which suggests it was designed with kids in mind. However, I found that if you simply snapped the parts together that there was some misalignment between them, so I cut off most of the lugs and glued the parts together, simply clamping them with clothes pegs. The only really tricky part was filling and filing back the join where the two halves of the lower hull and the engine pylons meet, but this went fairly well and all that is needed now is an undercoating if the various parts before I assemble them.
Just making sure that it sticks.

Minor misalignments trying to spoil my fun.

I filed away some unnecessary square panels on the pylons.

Some filling and filing required.

Ready for an undercoat prior to assembly.



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